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Secret Energy

Delighted to creatively and strategically assist the launch of the Secret Energy platform as it transitioned from the groundbreaking information and community platform, is a spiritual and educational social platform with a multitude of in-depth content and large growing community. We created the UI, branding, visual content and oversaw site development pre-launch and launch for one year. We also provided digital strategy and management to create new streams of income which included the launch of the profitable ‘The Innerversity’ a series of online video presentations from Sevan Bomar, with accompanying course materials. The Innerversity now in Semester 2, launched Semester 1 in Summer 2015 this is now at 600+ subscriptions* set with a target price of $360 per course.  The first semester averages equal $216,000+ in capitol which does not account for the uplift of traffic funnelled into the online store.


I have personally taken the time to write this recommendation due to the impact that Skinny has had on our project which encompassed Web Development, Branding, Design, and Marketing. In our experience we have dealt with few firms that have such a precise and constantly evolving expertise in these fields. We target a very complex niche market however this did not impede Skinny from determining and implementing exactly what was needed for our expansion.

In short our entire launch plan that was staged to go live right before before our engagement with Skinny was “bloated” with a great deal of features, graphics, clashing glamour and glitz which as we learned did not actually represent our message or objectives but instead leaned on perceived functionality and graphic design to win over our clients. Needless to say the approach did not work and while we were heavily invested in our previous expenditure we needed a major overhaul because we could not go live with so many issues. In came Skinny with a team that not only allowed us to recover and proceed with our opening strong, but also catapult our main product, The Innerversity, to the top positions of visibility which we needed to surmount our competitors.

In relation to ROI we have reached over 1000% percent as we have an ongoing product that was initially launched in tandem with Skinny services and continues to mature and gain steam due to our decision to hire them to find multiple sound solutions for our business.

Sevan Bomar . Owner . Secret Energy

*  October 2016


James Evans Bomar III


Branding, Web Design